January 12, 2023

Terrace On The Park


Facing the current together

The event for yeshiva administrators:
As a unified force we will protect our shared values, while maximizing opportunities within each mossad.



Concurrent Sessions

NPSE & other Funding Updates

What has changed in NPSE funding and how will it benefit me?
Other state funding streams updates.
Followed by Q&A

Energy usage: Compliance & opportunities

Avoid fines in NYC, and save money on your energy expenses
What is the NEW NYC Local Law 97 and is your building affected?
Followed by Q&A

Security Grants

Prepare properly to protect students and staff
How can I beef up our school security with newly available funding?

Title Funding

The background, the process, the implementation
How can I maximize my allocation and use it most effectively?

Q & A with Rabbi Hoberman

Daas Torah on running a school in NY state in 2022

Hiring & firing practices

Hiring best practices and protecting ourselves from legal challenges

Tax Compliance Issues

UBIT (Unrelated Business Income Tax)
What is and isn’t tax deductible
Parsonage (especially regarding women and limudei chol teachers)

To submit your questions in advance to be discussed at any of the Q&A sessions listed above, please email yeshivasummit@agudah.org.

Hear from Expert Presenters

Ms. Christina Coughlin

Assistant Commissioner,
Office of School Governance, Policy, and Religious & Independent Schools

Aron Parnes

Director of Operations
iAG Energy

David Tauber

EZ Energy Services

Jason Botel

Vice President of Strategic Parternships

Chaim B. Book

Book Law, LLP

Sara Seligson

Managing Director, Day Schools & Yeshivot and School Food Services
The Jewish Education Project

Mr. Leroy Comrie

State Senator
NY State Senate

David M. Pollock

Associate Executive Director & Director, Public Policy, JCRC-NY, Founder and Senior Advisor, Community Security Initiative

Eric R. Stern, Esq.

Founding Parter
Stern Law Group

Stacey Pheffer Amato

New York State Assembly

Donovan Richards

Queens Borough President

Rivkie Feiner

CEO, Owner
Feiner Grant Strategies

Keynote Address

Harav Chaim Yehoshua Hoberman, Shlit”a

Rosh Hayeshiva, Mesivta of Long Beach


Hear from previous attendees

“An incredible event”

“Yesterday’s Summit was an incredible event. Every aspect was executed professionally and with much sensitivity. So many important subjects were covered and the beautiful ruach was most palpable. There was an extraordinary cross section of representation.”

Rabbi Nissan Gewirtzman

President, Yeshiva Consulting Services

“A packed and informative day”

“Thanks for the packed and informative day. Each and every session was beneficial for us. These events give us chizuk to continue in the Avodos Hakodesh. May Hashem repay you with lots of bracha and hatzlacha

Rabbi Reuven Lefkowits

Administrator, Talmud Torah Ohr Moshe

“An invaluable tool”

“..The event was well coordinated and professionally executed… But above all, providing the opportunity to network amongst colleagues and other like minded professionals is an invaluable tool. In our current volatile climate with new challenges as well as the multitudes of funding streams, sharing amongst ourselves is most powerful.”

Rabbi Moshe Melamed and Rabbi Efraim Fink

Bais Tziporah, Bnos Chaya


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ArtScroll /Mesorah Publications, Ltd.
Bernath & Rosenberg CPAs and Wealth Advisors
BP Printgroup
Brands Payroll
Charidy Inc
Culinary Depot
Document Solutions Unlimited
E Copier Solutions Inc
Encore Support Services

EZ Energy Services
Feiner Grant Strategies
Fidelity Payment Services
Hertz Furniture
Homeland Surveillance, Investigations & Installations, Corp
Infograsp, Inc.
JLS Solutions
Leren Curriculum Inc
Lighthouse Resources
M & M Frankel Disposables Inc
Menucha Classroom Solutions
One70 Group

PC University Distributors, Inc.
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The Chesed Fund
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